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Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First Service in Maybole & Dalrymple!

Welcome to Carrick Pharmacy in Maybole, your trusted partner for accessible and reliable healthcare services. Maybole’s Pharmacy First service prioritises your health, providing expert guidance and solutions for common health concerns. Our Pharmacy First Service also extends to Dalrymple Pharmacy.

Pharmacy First is your go-to solution for minor health issues and wellness advice, available without the need for a GP appointment. At Carrick Pharmacy, we understand that your time and well-being are precious, and that’s why we provide an array of services designed to address your health needs swiftly and effectively.

Our Comprehensive Pharmacy First Services

Expert Advice: Our trained pharmacists are ready to listen and offer expert guidance for a range of minor health concerns, from allergies to back pain.
Medication Reviews: Ensure your current medications are safe and effective through our medication review service.
Prescription Collection: Save time by collecting your repeat prescriptions directly from our pharmacy.
Emergency Contraception: Need emergency contraception? Our discreet and compassionate service is here for you.
Healthy Lifestyle Support: Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or need help managing your weight, we provide support tailored to your needs.


Pharmacy First service in Maybole and Dalrymple prioritises your health, providing expert guidance and solutions for common health concerns, such as:

– Acne
– Allergies
– Athlete’s foot
– Backache
– Blocked or runny nose
– Cold sores
– Constipation
– Cough
– Cystitis (in women)
– Diarrhoea
– Earache
– Eczema
– Headache
– Head lice
– Haemorrhoids (piles)
– Hay fever
– Impetigo
– Indigestion
– Infected insect bites
– Mouth ulcers
– Sore throat
– Sinusitis
– Shingles
– Pain
– Period pain
– Threadworms
– Thrush
– Warts
– Verrucas
– Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women

Pharmacy First Service Maybole

How Pharmacy First Works

Get started easily and hassle-free with Pharmacy First at Carrick Pharmacy and Dalrymple Pharmacy:

Visit: Come into one of our pharmacies during our opening hours. No appointments are needed.
Consult: Speak with one of our friendly pharmacists about your health concerns. They will assess your needs and provide expert advice.
Solutions: Receive recommendations and, if necessary, over-the-counter treatments or medications to address your health issue.

Why Choose Pharmacy First?

Convenience: Skip the wait for a GP appointment and receive timely assistance for minor ailments.
Expertise: Highly trained healthcare professionals with in-depth knowledge of medications and minor health concerns staff our pharmacists.
Personalised Care: Every patient is unique. We provide individualised recommendations based on your specific needs.

Your Health, Our Priority

We commit to your well-being at Carrick Pharmacy. Our Pharmacy First service in Maybole is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the highest quality healthcare services right in your community.


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