prescription delivery in maybole

Free Prescription Collection & Delivery

We Can Collect and Deliver Your NHS Prescriptions

Our prescription collection and delivery service in Maybole aids those relying on regular medications, managing long-term illnesses, or disabilities, or caring for someone in need.

Our specialist delivery service allows you to have your medicines delivered directly to your home or work.

How our prescription collection and delivery service in Maybole works

The first step to applying for the prescription collection and delivery with Carrick Pharmacy is to nominate us as your chosen dispensary. You can do this by contacting our team.

The second step is to contact your GP surgery and order your repeat prescription, informing them of your chosen dispensary. Once we have your prescription from the GP and your patient details, we can efficiently prepare to dispatch your medications as needed.

The final step is your delivery of medicines.

prescription delivery in Maybole

How to nominate our pharmacy?

Request your GP practice to code a prescription for Carrick Pharmacy; subsequently, the delivery driver will collect it on the patient’s behalf. Alternatively, contact Carrick Pharmacy, and the team will request the prescription from the GP Practice.

How much does the delivery service cost?

Carrick Pharmacy offers free delivery on your prescriptions.

To learn more about how to set up our prescription collection and delivery service in Maybole, contact us here.


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