earwax removal in Maybole

Earwax Removal

Earwax Removal in Maybole

In the UK, 3.9% require earwax management yearly, enduring 12-16 week waits for NHS treatment. The lack of NHS treatment leads many to suffer unaware of local pharmacy options. Various factors, like age and loud noises, impact ear health. Earwax buildup and hearing loss can lead to social withdrawal. If you are concerned about your hearing health or you are looking for earwax removal in Maybole then please contact us, we can help.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Thanks to modern technology, treatments and procedures can quickly diagnose ear and hearing conditions. Infections as well as excessive & compacted wax can be identified & treated quickly & painlessly.

earwax removal in maybole

What to expect

Each appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.

One of our highly trained clinicians will carry out the test. Once they have removed some wax the hearing screening will be performed.

During the examination, high-definition images and videos will be taken. This will identify any hearing issues and whether or not you may require further treatment from specialist doctors.

In most cases, however, the initial problem is simply the presence of excessive wax. If this occurs, our team can perform a swift and painless microsuction procedure to clear the ear of debris or wax buildup. This procedure could immediately improve hearing capabilities.

What is ear microsuction?

Ear Microsuction is the safest and most effective way to remove earwax. It works by inserting a low-pressure suction probe into the ear. One of our trained clinicians wearing a microscope will control the probe to clear the ear canal of wax.

This procedure is painless and does not involve water being squirted into your ear canal like syringing does. It is a simple and clean procedure.

There will be a free follow-up/aftercare appointment if necessary, this will determine if you need to come back on a 3 or 6-month interval.

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For clearer hearing, book our earwax removal in Maybole. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions.

Price £50

Please note that this is a private service: There is a free consultation, and following that we charge a fee to remove wax from one single ear or both ears.



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